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Jul 09 2011

New Community Manager In Town

Hello Teach For Us Community.  I’m writing this as my inaugural post as the new Teach For Us Community Manager, a position I have now held for a little less than two weeks.

Before I jump into what I’ll be doing and what my position means for you, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself.  My name is Kurt, and I am a 2010 St Louis corps member.  I teach high school math at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School in St Louis while coaching debate, mock trial and advising student government.  I have my own personal blog where I and a handful of friends from college write about anything we want with a particular emphasis on the University of Wisconsin, our alma mater. I also have a Teach For Us blog (yes, the numbers following my name in the url is the beginning of the Fibonacci Sequence – if you are unfamiliar, check out the Wiki link) where I write about my experience in the classroom and in the corps.  I am returning for my second year in the classroom next year.

Now that you know a little bit about me, let me tell you what my position is not.

  1. I am not the person who okays or censors comments you and your friends leave on Teach For Us blogs
  2. I am not a staff member of Teach For America
  3. I am not an expert in teaching by any means.  Although I will try to answer just about any question about teaching you might have, please know that there are many better resources out there than me.
  4. I am not here to hound you to post more often (although, kudos to all you daily and weekly publishers – you keep us running strong!)

Now, my big goal:

Teach For Us users and visitors will be able to (TFUUAVWBAT) feel a sense of community and engage with other education reformers as we both close the Teach For America blogging gap, and more significantly, relentlessly pursue equitable educational outcomes in America.

Specific Community Manager Actions:

  1. Post a couple times each month on this blog to update the Teach For Us community
  2. Engage with Teach For Us followers on Twitter and Facebook daily
  3. Update Teach For Us homepage content weekly, specifically Featured Blogs and Featured Posts
  4. Reach out to Regional Teach For America offices to encourage corps members to share their stories with family, friends and the world.
  5. Publish a quarterly newsletter
  6. Let users know when their content is featured
  7. Strive to be informative, engaging and entertaining

I welcome your questions, comments, concerns, queries, qualms and conundrums as I serve you in this role.

[email protected]

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