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Nov 20 2011

In case you missed these featured posts

If you are a regular reader of Teach For Us, you probably know that we like to feature a variety of posts on the top of our homepage, with a new crop posted each week.  These posts are selected for diversity of perspective, uniqueness of content and general interest.  In case you missed the posts we featured in October, I have relinked each of them below for your enjoyment.

Things that I wish would go away, pleaseStuff Students Say, Twin Cities

A Change Has ComeThe Sky is Yours, Mississippi Delta

How did you get here?ash2charlotte, Charlotte

How do we measure success?edavaney, Oklahoma

Being AloneTeaching in the D, Detroit

MoneyStir Up the World, Mississippi Delta

“If the water is polluted, all the fish will die”Caroline in the Delta, Mississippi Delta

Thoughts of the FutureThe Ballerina Mathematician, Colorado

Leadership and TeachingEducational Opportunity for Ault, New York

Thank You. – Becoming a Chief, Kansas City

Today was not fun. Oh and J is leaving“And I said, Here am I, send me.” Kansas City

Black October!Facing La Frontera, Rio Grande Valley

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