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Dec 05 2011

Two Worlds Become One

After the tough teacher month of October, November seems to be a much happier place. Routines begin to normalize, those students who resisted compliance and forming positive relationships with the teacher begin to come around, and before you know it, Thanksgiving, the end of the semester and Winter Break pop up out of nowhere. November also seems to be the time where many corps members begin to come to new revelations about their students’ abilities, how to successfully implement changes based on tracker data and life-work balance. One of our prolific bloggers from the Delta had one of these revelations over Thanksgiving Break, and I wanted to share her story with you.

Previously my life was these two factions: Caroline the Michiganian, the semi-artist, the girl that wears Nike high tops and doesn’t wash her hair for three days, who sleeps three hours a night, who goes goes goes; then Caroline the teacher, the hoity-toity Teach-For-America corps member, yeah that organization.

Now. The present is some miraculous and obviously plainly expected merging of the two. Suddenly, teaching is not a tortuous pastime, but an… occupation? This is my life? This is my career? Somewhere along the line Teach For America gave me, at the least, a direction to go in, something I didn’t have in college. Instead of selfishly wondering what the hell I’m going to do, ever, I have 120 little faces holding me accountable. Who cares what I want, these kids need to learn something. Lord knows if I’m providing something to learn, but at least I’m trying.

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