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Jan 10 2012

New Years Updates

To kick off my first post of 2012, I felt highlighting a smattering of Teach For Us bloggers would be a good idea.  Below are a number of New Years/reflection/resolution-themed posts from around the site.  Check them out.

And it’s 2012, A Modern Bildungsroman (January 3)

Tennyson, Stir Up the World (January 2)

New Years Resolutions, mathinaz (January 2)

The 2 weeks that I was not Mi’ Ball, My Journey in the Delta (January 1)

Reflections and Resolutions, “Tenemos problemas pero andamos happy…” (December 31)

Resolving to Reconnect, River Deep, Mountain High (December 31)

Year Ends, Caroline in the Delta (December 30)

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