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We’re doing a big behind-the-scenes upgrade to the software that powers Teach For Us. We will start our upgrades at 12:00 AM ET tonight, Sunday December 18. The process could take up to one hour. For most visitors, this process will be seamless. However, there will be a few moments when it will not be…

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Aug 22 2011

A big welcome to Milwaukee (?)

My Bad

So, we thought this was both really bad and somewhat funny. Until someone let us know, Milwaukee was not showing up on the region list even though they’re not a new region. Oops. Our bad. Problem solved! Hopefully we’ll have some Milwaukee bloggers joining us soon.

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We’ve rolled out a rockin’ new feature

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Aug 14 2010

Snap previews re-activated

After a short hiatus, we’ve reactivated the Snap shots plugin that adds previews for external links. Here’s what it means: If you link to anything on teachforus.org (like Our Supporters), there will be no preview bubble. If you link to anything external to teachforus.org (like Teach For America), you’ll notice that there’s a little bubble…

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Jan 23 2010

Token time-out

Our awesome hosts at ibiblio think they’ve figured out a way to increase the site speed. It involves a minor change to how some information is processed on the server. We’ve made a temporary adjustment to see if it works. This change went into effect on Thursday, January 22, and no one has reported any…

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Sep 10 2009

Updated features and function

We made some changes to the server software today. If you’re trying to do anything normal (write, edit, comment) and the site seems to act up, please shoot us an email so that we can take a look. Additionally, we added a toolbar to every page at the bottom that allows visitors to interact with…

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Nov 27 2007

Presenting our Facebook page

We’ve made an official TeachFor.Us Facebook page. Become a fan to help spread the word about TeachFor.Us to your friends. Share the link with your Facebook groups. Hooray for social networking.

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Oct 12 2007

System software upgraded

We upgraded our software to a new version tonight. Please report any problems or suggestions that you’d like to see to us at teachfor(dot)us (at) gmail(dot)com. In addition, congratulations go out to Lyceum for officially reaching the 1.0 release of its software.

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Sep 15 2007

Site upgrade complete

The (major) upgrade of the site software was completed successfully Saturday afternoon. Over the next few days, we will still be making some small adjustments. If you notice any errors or unusual behavior of the software, please write us an email: teachfor (dot) us (at) gmail (dot) com In your email, include what went wrong,…

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Jun 12 2007

Updates in progress

We hope you’ve noticed some of the recent changes to TeachFor.Us. In a way, we were driven to action by the flood of new users and some comments sent in via email. Major updates include: Homepage now includes previews of five recent posts The “Recent Posts” list of blogs is now called “Active Blogs” and…

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Jul 27 2006

Updated home page

A new tagline for the site under the logo, new main page text, and new footer text  

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Jul 24 2006

Email address screening updated

Some users were entering their TFA email addresses wrong — probably b/c people only use the addresses for forwarding purposes — but were still being able to register. The email filter has been adjusted to more stringently match the TFA format… so there should be no issues in the future. A correctly formatted email address…

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