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We always like to think that how we’re running Teach For Us is a great example for others in creating blog networks. But it’s always nice when that validation comes externally, too. Today, Mashable highlighted Teach For Us as one of three examples of a successful WordPress MultiSite installation. Exciting news, but the credit goes to…

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Feb 20 2012

Where we are most popular

As I continue to sift through our6-months analytics data, I felt it would be cool to share which areas of the country visit Teach For Us the most and also give a shout out to our most active regions. Below is the list of the states which bring us the most viewership, and I am…

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Feb 07 2012

It’s that time of year…let’s reflect on our progress

I had hoped to get this post out last week, but I had grades due for progress reports last Friday.  I apologize for the delay. We have reached that critical point in the year at which we like to look closely at our site data and recognize those bloggers who are highly-effective in bringing traffic…

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Jan 10 2012

New Years Updates

To kick off my first post of 2012, I felt highlighting a smattering of Teach For Us bloggers would be a good idea.  Below are a number of New Years/reflection/resolution-themed posts from around the site.  Check them out. And it’s 2012, A Modern Bildungsroman (January 3) Tennyson, Stir Up the World (January 2) New Years…

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Dec 28 2011

Holiday Happenings on Teach For Us

I have maximized my relaxation time thus far over break, spending time with family, enjoying good food, actually sleeping and spending very little time on lesson planning and absolutely no time on grading!  Hopefully, you have been able to relax and enjoy the holiday season too. In keeping with the spirit of the season, I…

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Last night we did a major software upgrade. It seems that we’ve criss crossed some wires and, in the process, prevented images from working inside of posts. Rest assured, we’re on it. Thanks for your patience. Update: All posts after July 15, 2010 are restored. Older posts will be restored soon.

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We’re doing a big behind-the-scenes upgrade to the software that powers Teach For Us. We will start our upgrades at 12:00 AM ET tonight, Sunday December 18. The process could take up to one hour. For most visitors, this process will be seamless. However, there will be a few moments when it will not be…

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Dec 05 2011

Two Worlds Become One

After the tough teacher month of October, November seems to be a much happier place. Routines begin to normalize, those students who resisted compliance and forming positive relationships with the teacher begin to come around, and before you know it, Thanksgiving, the end of the semester and Winter Break pop up out of nowhere. November…

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Nov 20 2011

In case you missed these featured posts

If you are a regular reader of Teach For Us, you probably know that we like to feature a variety of posts on the top of our homepage, with a new crop posted each week.  These posts are selected for diversity of perspective, uniqueness of content and general interest.  In case you missed the posts…

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I know we featured this post in our sliders on the homepage and sent it out through our social media on Twitter and Facebook, but it really is a great story.  If you haven’t read it yet, this post is a must read from a Delta CM on why he stayed in TFA, even though…

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Sep 13 2011

Add your voice to our vision

We’re a community, so we’re seeking community input for our strategic vision setting process. Requirements, generally, will be twice-monthly phone meetings scheduled evenings and/or weekends with various deliverables produced in collaboration with others on the committee. You can help us decide where we’re headed… there are a lot of potentials! If you’re interested or want…

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Aug 23 2011

Earth shakes as ed reform continues to roll

The Washington DC region experienced a bit of a tremor Tuesday, and I’m not referring to Matt Damon’s interview during the Save Our Schools march from a few weeks back or even Standard and Poor’s historic downgrade of U.S. credit. On Tuesday, an earthquake rippled across the mid-Atlantic region with a 5.8 magnitude at it’s…

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Aug 22 2011

A big welcome to Milwaukee (?)

My Bad

So, we thought this was both really bad and somewhat funny. Until someone let us know, Milwaukee was not showing up on the region list even though they’re not a new region. Oops. Our bad. Problem solved! Hopefully we’ll have some Milwaukee bloggers joining us soon.

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Jul 31 2011

Teach For Us by the Numbers

It’s the last day of July, and although the midwest heatwave seems to still be sitting right outside my apartment, we’re approaching the beginning of the school year for many districts, and that means all sorts of fun is coming up… school supply shopping, lesson planning and tracker-creating!  For any of you who don’t get…

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We often field questions about Teach For America’s policy on blogging and, in particular, blogging here. Our confident answer is always that Teach For America officially supports corps members in their efforts to express themselves as individuals through social media channels. Now we want to make sure you know where to find this policy since…

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Jul 09 2011

New Community Manager In Town

Hello Teach For Us Community.  I’m writing this as my inaugural post as the new Teach For Us Community Manager, a position I have now held for a little less than two weeks. Before I jump into what I’ll be doing and what my position means for you, I’d like to tell you a little…

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Jun 18 2011

Warning: Corps members at play

cm flash

What’s a flash mob called at Phoenix Institute? A Phlash Mob according to this video!

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May 19 2011

Site maintenance today 2:30 ET

We’re doing some planned maintenance today at 2:30 ET. Sorry for the last minute notice. It will take about one hour (we hope). Update: We’ve done the maintenance. Unrelated to our work, there is a server issue causing a slow-down in serving up the pages. This will solve itself in the next hour or so.

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Feb 28 2011

Never too late to celebrate

Here’s a look at the top teacher blogs from first semester (a.k.a. June 1 – December 31, 2010)… mathinaz A Blog Covering DC Education Drinking the Kool-Aid Learning on the River Gary Rubinstein’s TFA Blog Caroline in the Delta Facing La Frontera Not much, just chillin’ Megalopolis B is for Blast Off And now for…

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Feb 22 2011

Planned outage Thursday morning

Teach For Us will be upgrading our servers the morning on Thursday, February 24th. During this time, the site may be unavailable. Thanks for understanding.

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In just a few weeks, more than 10,000 alumni, CMs, and supporters are descending upon D.C. for the TFA 20th Anniversary Summit. Here are a few Teach For Us related opportunities (read them all, we really think you might like the last one): Meet up at the summit. We want to meet you. We want…

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Jan 12 2011

Who’s going to the alumni summit?

Are you going to the Teach For America 20th anniversary alumni summit? Are you a blogger here on Teach For Us? Want to help us spread the word about Teach For Us to everyone? We’re looking to get CMs and alumni to be our mobile billboards. Imagine wearing your very own, first edition Teach For…

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Jan 11 2011

Technical issues with registration

Hey folks. We’re a little late to the party, but apparently something has been jamming up the email system that allows new CMs to register. This is presenting a bit of a problem. On it… Update (1/12/2011): Problem solved.

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Nov 14 2010

Welcome to new 2011 CMs!

We just wanted to send out a congratulations to the new 2011 CMs that found out about their acceptance this past week. We’re looking forward to you joining our community soon.

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Oct 04 2010

Sorry for our epic email fail

Dear Teach For Us users, Please accept our apology for the email debacle this morning. We needed to get that message to every user since it contained some legal information, and my internet at home went down while in the process of sending. Since the message needed to go to everyone, I made the decision…

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