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Jan 23 2010

Squash spam

We’ve been hearing some reports of spam comments becoming a problem again. PLEASE read this post which explains how to turn on the spam filter. We’d turn it on for you, but we’re not allowed. This is a five-minute fix to get rid of all spam!

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Oct 11 2008

Sick of comment spam?

Are you tired of constantly getting emails about comments on your blog only to find out that they are spam messages? What a waste of time! To avoid having to turn off comments, we offer a spam filter for you to use. It’s a breeze to set up, and we expect that it will catch…

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Nov 18 2007

About those categories

On TeachFor.Us, the default category for your posts is “Teach For America.” Unless you’re writing about your favorite chimichanga recipe, we suggest keeping your post tagged as “Teach For America.” This helps people who are searching for information about TFA find your blog. You can easily add other categories (such as your region name) by…

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Sep 18 2007

If only we meant rich in terms of money

Are you a teacher by day and html-hacker┬áby night? With the recent software upgrade, you can have more control of how you write your posts. Now you can easily turn the off Visual Rich Editor (with buttons reminiscent of a word processor). Visit your “My Account” screen At the bottom of the page, uncheck “Use…

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Jul 11 2007

The magical “more” function

To help make the front page of your blog more readable, there is something called the “more” function. This tells the blog software to chop off the rest of your post and give the reader a link to the next page. We use this idea on the homepage of TeachFor.Us where we feature recent posts…

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Jun 24 2007

Use protection to avoid spam

We want to prevent you from getting blog-spammed in your comments. Please read how to use protection while blogging. By getting this spam-blocker, you won’t have to handle any more annoying emails.

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Jun 17 2007

The About page is your friend

Every blog automatically comes with an about page. It’s likely that the stock text doesn’t appropriately describe you. Hence, you need to edit it. The easiest way is to be logged in to TeachFor.Us while looking at your About page. Click the “Edit this story” link that is visible. Alternatively, you can edit the page…

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Jan 14 2007

Spam filter added

TeachFor.Us has added the Akismet spam filter to help reduce the number of spam comments our blogs will receive. First, visit Akismet and to get your key emailed. Now, log-in to your blog. Click the Plugins tab. Enable the Akismet filter and enter your key. You’ll be on your way to a reduced-spam experience. More…

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