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Oct 11 2008

Sick of comment spam?

Are you tired of constantly getting emails about comments on your blog only to find out that they are spam messages? What a waste of time! To avoid having to turn off comments, we offer a spam filter for you to use. It’s a breeze to set up, and we expect that it will catch…

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Nov 27 2007

Presenting our Facebook page

We’ve made an official TeachFor.Us Facebook page. Become a fan to help spread the word about TeachFor.Us to your friends. Share the link with your Facebook groups. Hooray for social networking.

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It almost goes without saying that nearly every blogger on this site has a Facebook profile. While all your friends can find you on Facebook, they might not know how to find you on TeachFor.Us. Facebook allows you to quickly and easily import your blog from TeachFor.Us. Open the “Import a blog” page from Facebook.…

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Sep 02 2006

Instant Message your blog posts

We’ve discovered an interesting and free service. FeedCrier allows you to place a button on your blog that enables visitors to get your blog posts via instant messages. Update: It seems that as of Nov. 1 the service is unavailable. Not sure if this is temporary or permanent.

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Aug 15 2006

Great RSS forwarding tool

First, you might be asking what RSS is. It’s a great technology that allows other people to receive the content that is posted on your blog as a feed. This feed can show the content in several forms including delivering it as the “headlines” to someone’s desktop or even as full content on another site.…

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Jul 28 2006

“First steps” guide available

A blog on TeachFor.Us is easy to get, but we need users to do a little set-up work. We created a guide to address these steps. It’s posted on the Lyceum web page in order to assist everyone who uses Lyceum. (Lyceum is the software that powers TeachFor.Us) Read the first steps guide.

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